Lissa’s Twitter Book

25 20 Tips to Twitter Success: Learn How to Market Yourself, Brand and Business Online,
Includes 7 New Tips for Advanced Twitter-Sight

Wow! It has been almost a year since I published the 1st edition of 20 Tips to Twitter Success, and the 2nd edition is now available for purchase!

25 20 Tips to Twitter Success: Learn How to Market Yourself, Brand, and Business Online, includes 7 New Tips for Advanced Twitter-Sight. (Yes, I said 7 new tips, and yes, the first book was 20 tips – thinking I can’t add about right now, huh? Well … I can add. Tip 19 & 20 in the first edition is the WRAP-UP in the 2nd edition, with some revisions of course. (Those of you that read the 1st edition will also find some minor changes to the first 17 tips.)

Here is my background … I have been talking, teaching, and coaching countless on social media since 2009 and now I am sharing it with you in print. As you may not be aware, I discovered my passion for Twitter in 2009, while listening to a Dallas-based recruiter, Dorothy Beach, demonstrate the use of Twitter and Tweetdeck to a group of job seekers. I was immediately drawn to this online platform and no less than two hours later, I was tweeting. Since that time I have been walking the walk and talking the talk.

This book features the 25 20 tips I have used and continue to use to grow my online presence from 600 to over 30,000 and counting. This book doesn’t teach you HOW to tweet, it teaches you HOW to establish relationships and achieve goals by tweeting.

25 Tips to Twitter Success: Learn How to Market Yourself, Brand, and Business Online, Includes 7 New Tips for Advanced Twitter-Sight by Lissa Duty

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The book is divided into five sections:

  • Setup
  • Grow Your Following
  • Identify Key Influencers
  • Maintenance
  • Advanced Twitter-Sight

In this book, 25 20 Tips to Twitter Success: Learn How to Market Yourself, Brand and Business Online, I walk you through how to achieve success on Twitter by creating an optimized profile, identifying and developing targeted relationships, generating content and using focused strategies to maximize your impact in the least amount of time.

In the Advanced Twitter-Sight section of the book you will find a detailed explanation of the usage of hashtags, saved searches, lists, Twitter lingo and much more.

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Countless individuals have used these tips and all say the same thing: “You are right, Lissa, it took 3 months of dedication but I see results!” These tips are now available to you in print!

Praise for 25 20 Tips to Twitter Success


I am so glad to see that Lissa has released a book on Twitter. She explains how to make the most of Twitter in simple, easy to understand and implement terms. I think of her book as the “CliffsNotes” of how to use Twitter. It’s just what you need without the fluff.

~ J.R. Atkins, Author
 Social Media 2.0 and Roadmap to Success

20 Tips to Twitter Success is a quick-read, high-impact resource. Lissa Duty uses her own success to masterfully distill actionable tips. Read it today and build your Twitter following tomorrow!

~ Lee Colan, Author
 Stick With It and Winners Always Quit

Lissa is so committed to teaching others how to use Twitter & other Social Media Platforms including being a speaker, author and hosting a national conference and it is evident in every conversation. She absolutely rocks!

~ Patty Farmer, Author Make Your Connections Count and Success in High Heels

A practical guide with tons of great ideas. Lissa has pulled together a valuable resource for people who want to make maximum impact.

~ Chris Forbes, Author Guerrilla Marketing for Non-Profits

Social Media, especially Twitter, is definitely Lissa’s taproot – her meaning magnet. Lissa connects instinctively with Twitter and has demonstrated this in-depth and on track in her book! It has been amazing to me to watch Lissa gain this in-depth and thorough knowledge of social media.

~ Helen Harkness, Ph.D., Author Capitalizing on Career Chaos, Don’t Stop the Career Clock, and The Career Chase


Twitter is a vital and challenging social media tool and Lissa Duty has nailed it. Read this book and tweet about it.

~ Dean Lindsay, Author The Progress Challenge: Working and Winning in a World of Change

Lissa is such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Twitter! Her expertise and interest coupled with her ability to teach Step by Step is a great combo for anyone who wants to learn more about Twitter!

~ Debbie Saviano, Author Soar 2 Success in LinkedIn

My 140-character review: @LissaDuty’s 20 Tips to Twitter Success drives traffic from Twitter to Sales and serves as a road map to cash flow.

~ Brian Bearden @ImpressMeMedia

Lissa’s New Twitter Book is terrific. This booklet is very thorough and at the same instance easy to read and digest. It is a must for anyone who wants to add to their Twitter presence. I enjoyed reading and using the information. It was a good value. Continued Success on your future projects.

~ Michael Beren, Mr. Parcel

If you have attended any of Lissa’s classes you would know how eloquent, in-depth, knowledgeable, and easy to implement her sessions are! The 20 Tips to Twitter Success has continued on that theme in such a manner that even if you only did a few of the things mentioned in the book = $$$$ and who can’t use more business?

~ Tonie Boaman @DashNotary

20 Tips to Twitter Success provides simple, clear, and precise instructions on the “hows” and “whys” of Twitter. If you want to learn how to Tweet with Twitter, look no further—Lissa delivers.

~ Tony Cecala, Ph.D. @TonyCecala

I’ve been in digital marketing for over 6 years—but found some fantastic nuggets of information in Lissa’s book. It really helped me take my social media (and my client’s social media) to the next level. Great job Lissa!

~ Beth Kahlich, Dallas Search Engine Academy

Lissa – Thank you so much for sharing your Twitter knowledge. I have learned more from you in a few hours, than I had learned in the previous 2 years!

~ Michelle Ketterman @KettermanSays

Stop wading through the sea of Twitter success books. Lissa Duty has exactly what you need. Her easy to understand approach and practical solutions helped my business. Get this book to help yours.

~ Jeff Klein, Founder, Speaker Co-op

Lissa teaches Twitter in a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand. She breaks Twitter down into a 1 – 2 – 3 process that equals success!

~ John Nosal, The CEO of SEO, NosalCentral, LLC

Lissa Duty’s book 20 Tips for Twitter Success serves as a big inspiration for social media enthusiasts around the world. Her Twitter tips and advice will help you propel your client’s business forward by showing you exactly what you need to focus on to connect with influencers and close more prospects.

Thanks for the great advice, Lissa. I so appreciate your help and social media influence!

~Terry Sullivan, BuzzPro