LinkedIn Coaching

Are you LinkedIn or Are you on LinkedIn”! It easy to register an account on LinkedIn, but are you LinkedIn?

  • Are you linked to other professionals?
  • Are you participating in LinkedIn groups?
  • Are you posting / commenting in Linkedin Discussions?
  • Are you leveraging LinkedIn to it’s full potential?

In other words, is LinkedIn working for you? So many professionals have registered accounts on LinkedIn, but they haven’t completed their LinkedIn Profile, let alone uploaded a profile picture. They’re nervous to accept connections from someone they don’t and sometimes even those they do know. Tired of looking at the 50% complete on your profile?

In this two hour LinkedIn Training you will learn hands-on step-by-step how to:

  • Complete and SEO your LinkedIn profile
  • Grow your Network – Send / Accept Invitations
  • Get and Give Recommendations
  • Post Status Updates and Research / Answer Questions
  • Join Groups and participate in LinkedIn Discussions
  • Use LinkedIn’s Search feature to find Connections, Companies and Jobs

Stop collecting connections on LinkedIn and start being a connection! Stop forgetting and start following through …

Ready to sign up? Email your requested coaching time to

Each two hour Social Media Coaching session is $300.00.

  • LinkedIn has helped countless professionals to achieve their business goals.
  • LinkedIn is ideal for job seekers, authors, consultants/coaches, small business owners and even large corporations
  • LinkedIn is the tool that will connect you with the connection of the connection that will be your next client / your next career / the who’s who of your industry
  • LinkedIn is the tool used by countless professionals across countless industries around the globe

So back to my first question – Are you LinkedIn or Are you on LinkedIn? Perhaps now … you can tell the difference.

Still not sure if this training is for you? Email a connection request and she’ll give your LinkedIn Profile a quick review.

Details about the training: This hands-on training is completed using the telephone (Skype if you are not in the US) and remote connection software,  She will talk you through and show you step by step how to use LinkedIn and be LinkedIn effectively. Before you are finished you’ll get your LinkedIn questions answered.


Lissa is awesome, she quickly determines what your needs are and structures her services to fit the bill. She can either train you to handle all your Social Media yourself or she can do it for you, either way you are in great hands. Lissa is thorough, accurate, and always coming up with amazing campaigns that help her clients grow their reputations and their businesses. If you want to be successful – hire Lissa! ~ Robin Moss, ribit

Both my wife and I have taken Lissa’s LinkedIn and Twitter classes. She’s an expert in the area of social media. Whether you are a first-timer wanting to learn the basics of setting up accounts or an intermediate user wanting to expand your knowledge, Lissa can help you take the next step in creating your online presence. ~ Tony Cummins, The Meeting Department

In a matter of minutes, Lissa re-worked the organization and wording of my LinkedIn Profile and gave me a wonderful, professional presentation.  Total strangers have asked me about my LinkedIn Profile and told me how much they like it.  Hope you will check it out. ~ Kathy Morgan Anti-Bullying Concepts