Social Media Planning Session

Did you register your social media accounts because you knew your business needed to be online? Did you think it was easy and have found out otherwise?

Anyone can register a social media account, but achieving results with an engaging, effective social media campaign is easier said than done.

In this two-hour social media planning session you will learn how to:

  • Sync Your Offline Brand with Your Online Brand
  • Understand Your Potential Customer
  • Establish Relationships that Build Loyalty
  • Define a Strategy and Plan for Social Media Success
  • Take Action and Implement Your Plan

An effective social media campaign requires a roadmap to achieve success. Creating a Social Media Plan is a must! Ready to sign up? Email Lissa today.

Each two hour Social Media Coaching session is $300.00.

This social media planning session will also include: 

  • Mini-review of your website, Facebook and Twitter account
  • Common problems addressed such as increasing reach on Facebook Page Posts
  • Twitter Follower Engagement
  • Posting theme consisting across social media channels
  • And More

Have a different social media problem / question? Email TODAY for an answer.

Details about the training: This hands-on training is completed using the telephone (Skype if you are not in the US) and remote connection software.  She will talk you through and show you step by step how to use and optimize Facebook for ease, while maintaining your privacy and exposure to get the word out about you and your business.