The presentations for DFW Rocks Social Media Day 2012 are focused on the providing you with education, information, resources and strategies to teach how to be a social media PRO. They will provide you with ROCK solid information and tips to be a Social Media POWERHOUSE.

These presentations are NOT going to be another one of those blah blah blah newbie freebie presentations! These presentations are designed for everyone, no matter what skill level and technical ability you have! You can have no experience or tons of it! Our speakers will share the favorite SECRETS to Social Media success!

Presentation: Facebook Marketing for PAGES | Speaker: Andrea Vahl

Using Facebook to market you / your business is a great way to generate traffic to your website and create relationships that develop into clients. Creating a Facebook Page is easy, but getting “Likes” on your page, comments and feedback is not easy! You can not build it and hope they will come. You have to seek out your ideal client and connect with them. Andrea will share her favorite Facebook strategies and secrets to make this easy. Who knows – Grandma Mary may even make an appearance!

Presentation: ROCK Your Twitter: Tweet Like a Pro | Speaker: Lissa Duty

Twitter is a POWERFUL social networking site. Twitter, just like other social networking site can be a time suck. Lissa will share with you how to manage your Twitter easily, tweet like a pro and use Twitter to get the clients you want. She is going to share some of her secrets that made her a power Twitter user and that she uses on a daily basis to execute effective social media campaigns easily for her clients.

Presentation: YouTube Video for the DIY | Speaker: Robin Moss

If you aren’t using YouTube to generate clicks, connections and clients you are missing out! During this session Robin will make a short video (have your camera face on) and upload it to YouTube. She’ll show you on screen how to SEO the video, share on Facebook and embed into her WordPress blog! She will also give you suggestions for easy-to-use digital cameras and video editing software.

Presentation: Six Figure FOLLOW UP: Connections to Clients | Speaker: Patty Farmer

How you follow up makes all the difference in whether those connections convert to clients. Patty will share: 3 key strategies for turning your connections into cash, How to convert business cards into bricks of gold, How to stop struggling with “the C Word”- conversion, The 2 biggest mistakes business owners make that keep them from achieving business success and The perfect script to increase your follow up finesse!

Presentation: The POWER of Being LinkedIn | Speaker: J.R. Atkins

LinkedIn is more than accepting a connection! Stop collecting connections and be a connection! Put LinkedIn to work for you / your business! Learn the key areas to SEO your LinkedIn profile, How to get needed recommendations, Why you should post status updates, The power of joining groups, participating in discussions and How to achieve expert status on LinkedIn.

Presentation: YOUR Business Interest in Pinterest|Speaker: Fred Campos

Pinterest is now the fourth most popular social media site. The presentation will focus on How to build a Pinterest Page that would be interesting to your followers, Why Pinterest is the hottest for backlinks to your blog (or website), How to exploit Pinterest and SECRETS to Pinterest marketing the pros won’t tell you.

Presentation: What is RIGHT for Your Business? Social Media Sites & Tools | Speaker: Lissa Duty

Figuring out which social networking sites and social media tools that are right for your business can be quite a task! Lissa will give you 10 questions to identify which sites are right for you and discuss in detail the various social media tools available they will update your social networking sites. She’ll provide you with information to help you make an educated decision that fits you, your business and your budget.

Presentation: Social Media Question & Answer Panel | Speakers: Giovanni Gallucci, Neil Lemons, Mike D. Merrill

Now that you have had an action packed day of learning about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Social Media Sites & Tools, plus how to make convert your connections to clients it’s time to ask the PROS your questions. This Social Media Panel will be your opportunity to ask the PROS in the industry your social media questions. No question is too small or too big! Ask AWAY! If our PROS don’t have the answer they’ll direct you to a resource that will get you the answer!

DFW Rocks Social Media Day 2012 is going to be an awesome event! Register NOW