Our Venue

We are excited to be hosting our 1st Annual DFW Rocks Social Media Day Conference at The Social House in Addison! What better location to have a social media day event that a place that has SOCIAL included right in the name!

They’ll be serving us up continental breakfast, lunch and sweets & treats to keep us energized. All selected from their menu of homemade items.

The Social House has Wi-Fi to support all our attendees that feel inclined to bring along their laptops, iPhones, iPads, etc. The conference room is equipped with a built in media technology. Our speakers can plug directly into the media system and you’ll be able to see on the large screen and and the surrounding screens the presentation slides. The audio system is top notch and will ensure that everyone can hear the speakers and any important announcements.


5100 Beltline Road, Suite 410
Addison TX 75254
(972) 392-4300

Doors OPEN at 8:30 am day of event!


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