10 Tips to Manage Facebook Fatigue & Your Facebook Newsfeed


There are many ways you can mange Facebook Fatigue. The best way is to learn how to manage your Facebook Newsfeed, so you are seeing the updates from the people and pages you want to see. Make it easy to access them quickly and learn how to manage your time.

I had the opportunity to address some of this on The Texas Daily, a cable TV show. Here is the video in case you missed it:

10 Tips to Manage Facebook Fatigue & Your Facebook Newsfeed

1. Friends List

Assign each one of your friends to a list based on how you know them. i.e. Professional, High School, Family

You can assign friends to a list while in your Facebook Newsfeed. Just hover your mouse over their name, a pop up will appear. Hover your mouse of “Friends” and a drop down will appear.  Click the name of the Friend List you would like to add them to. If you don’t already have the list created, click “Add to List” and type in your desired list name and press enter. I advise people, don’t use the list Facebook created for you, because when you assign someone to most of those they see the person an alert saying they have been added.

Make sure the list names you create are politically correct, avoid curse words or anything with a negative connotation. Also, don’t create a list called “friends” – that just get real confusing later.

I would use the Close Friends list Facebook has created for specific people you would to get a notification alert on Facebook and a push on your phone when they post. This alerts you, so you can quickly go comment, like, share, etc.


You can also add them to a list from their profile page. This sample demonstrates that action.




You can go through all your Facebook Friends at one time and add them to a list. Go to your Facebook Profile and click “Friends”. Hover the mouse over the word “Friends” and select the list you would like to add them to.





After you have assigned every friend to a list make sure you complete this action in the future every time you accept or send a friend request.



Now that you have added your friends to list you can select a particular list and see those updates only. To do this on your Facebook Newsfeed scroll down and on the left hand-side like for the word “Friends”. Click the word “More”. All  your friends list will appear on the right side. Click on the list name that you would like to see their updates only. The updates for that list only will appear.


2. Add your friend lists you created to your favorites for easy access

Your “Favorites” area is listed on your Facebook Newsfeed on the left hand-side at the top.  To add something to your “Favorites” click the pencil icon and select “Add to Favorites”. You can now quickly access whatever you favorited on the left hand-side of your Facebook Newsfeed. It will be permanently placed there until you remove it.







3. Add your Facebook Pages and Groups to favorites, so you can quickly see if you have any new activities you need to look at.




Notice the “1” next to the page name “DFW Rocks Social”. This means there is 1 new thing that I need to go look at. This could be someone commenting on a post, clicking “Like” or posting on the wall. These alerts appear in the left hand column of your Facebook Newsfeed for any new activity, i.e. Groups, Friends Lists, Pages, Interest Lists, etc.

4. Create Interest Lists and Assign your favorite pages to them.

You can create this list based on topic. i.e. Fun, Entertainment, Education, Friends Pages, etc.  You can make these Interest Lists public, available for your friends to view or visible to only you.

You can assign pages to a Interest List while in your Facebook Newsfeed. Just hover your mouse over the page name and a pop up will appear. Move the mouse arrow so it is on top of the word “Liked”. A drop down will appear. Click “Add to Interest” list. Click “New List” and follow the on-screen steps to create the list or select an existing list you already created.


5. Add the Interest Lists you created to favorites so you can them monitor closely


6. Still want to be friends with someone, but avoid their updates in your newsfeed

Hover your mouse over their name in the Facebook Newsfeed and a pop up will appear. Click “Friends”. Click the checkmark next to “Show in Newsfeed”. Now you will no longer see their updates unless you go to their Facebook Profile. And NO they will not know you changed this setting.



7. You can click “Pages” and just see Facebook Posts from the pages that you have “Liked”

On the left hand-side of your Facebook Newsfeed click “Pages”. You can also add this to “Favorites” by clicking the pencil next to the word “Pages”.

You might see a “Sponsored Page” in this section also, but no friends updates, unless it is a comment or “Like” on a particular page update.


The first 7 tips in this post teach you ways on Facebook to control what you see. These next three tips relate to time management, which is ultimately the best way to control Facebook Fatigue.

8. Determine your purpose for getting on Facebook before you log in.

If you are looking at Facebook for business then go straight to your professional list and focus on interacting with professional friends.

If you are there to monitor your Facebook Page and respond to comments then go directly to your page and do that. Remember, you can see any any new alerts for your pages on the left hand-side of your Facebook Newsfeed in the “Favorites” section.

If you are getting on Facebook to catch up with personal stuff then go to those items that you have added as a favorite.

9. Set boundaries.

Only allow yourself 15 minutes at the most to get on Facebook per instince, no more than three times a day.

Close Facebook on your computer when you are working on projects, so you are not distracted unknowingly.

Don’t get distracted in the newsfeed with rants and negativity that doesn’t set you up for success.

10. The most important thing about managing your Facebook Fatigue is have fun.

When getting on Facebook becomes work, a distraction or not fun step away and come back later with a clear mind and a happy smile.

That was my 10 Tips to Manage Facebook Fatigue & Your Facebook Newsfeed.

It’s your turn . . .Comment below any tips you have.


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