Online Social Coach . . . Social Media Resource Center

Online Social Coach … Social Media Resource Center is a membership website created to provide the opportunity for you to have access to a Social Media Coach as your need the service.  How many times have you had a social media question that you could have asked an expert and received the right answer right away? You could have saved hours upon hours of research and asking others. This Online Social Coach program was designed to answer an ever growing need for continual information, training and resources to save you time and money.

Since this in an Online Program anyone can join. This is a global opportunity to improve your social media know-how!

Members have access for a low cost membership fee to an authority in the social media marketing industry to not only answer questions, but keep them up-to-date on changes, trends and technology.

Membership Benefits include:

  • Access to three Pre-Recorded Webinars
  • LIVE Webinars “Featured Social Media Topic/Tool of the Month”
  • LIVE Webinars “Pick the Online Social Coach Brain Session”
  • Guest Webinar Presenters
  • Access to Pre-Recorded Tool Evaluation Webinars by Lissa Duty
  • Webinar Archive Access
  • Discussion Board Q & A (Got a social media question for Lissa? Post on Discussion Board, Lissa & others will respond with advice, feedback, etc.)

Lissa Duty, Your Online Social Media Coach is watching out for new tools, continually learning and sharing the information with you to assist you in effectively marketing you and your business online with social networking websites.

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