Lissa Duty, Social Media Marketing Strategist, has been teaching social media classes all around the DFW metroplex. Her class are ideal for someone who has never used social media to the more advanced user. She believes that before someone can learn how to use a social networking site effectively that have to understand what every things means.

In each one of her classes she covers three concepts:

  1. Explains use of each tool on social networking site.
  2. Teaches how to use each tool.
  3. Shares strategy on why and when to use.

Attendees to her classes offer the following feedback after attending:

I had been using Facebook for awhile and thought I knew everything about it. I learned how to organize my friends into lists i.e. professional, family and target what I shared to particular lists. Lissa’s class was thorough and the training was detailed. I was able to follow along and not feel overwhelmed. ~Vickie

Lissa Duty taught a group of us “Utilizing Social Media For Free Advertising” over the past six weeks. The course was informative, lively and extremely beneficial. For anyone who needs help navigating the social media waters, I recommend her highly for both beginners and experts.” ~Patty

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