Social Media Coaching

Do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and just plain uninformed online? Don’t be intimidated anymore!

Lissa Duty offers private social media coaching sessions via telephone (Skype outside of the US) and computer to give you the knowledge, information and resources to successfully use and understand social networking websites.

Her trainings are ideal for any individual, business owner, or job seeker that needs to understand how to use social networking websites for their personal knowledge, to market a product / service or launch and manage a successful social media marketing campaign.

The benefits of getting a private social media coaching training from Lissa:

  • Customized social media training to your needs / learning level
  • Integrates marketing tips regarding your business / industry
  • Detailed explanation of the social networking tool
  • Best Practices and How to manage easier
  • Follow Up Support for questions that arise after training

Ready to learn more about the specific training you need?

Facebook Profile / Facebook Page Coaching

LinkedIn Coaching Session

Twitter Coaching Session

Ultimate Social Media Coaching

Lissa has trained countless individuals online and in-person. The common feedback she hears continually from all of them regarding the trainings is her:

  • Attention to Detail, explaining what each and every aspect of a tool means / does
  • Patience with answering questions / back tracking to clarify questions
  • Speaking at a level that is understandable to all users / not just those “techies”
  • Her hands-on approach lets them recall easier the “how to” later
  • Sharing success stories adds values and demonstrates strategies for helping them
  • Willingness to share “social media strategies” and advice during the training

These hands-on trainings are completed using the telephone (Skype if you are not in the US) and remote connection software,  She will alk you through and show you step by step how to use social media networking sites and tools. Lissa teaches you how to optimize for ease, use, privacy and exposure to get the word out about you and your business.

Each training session is scheduled in a minimum of two hour increments. Advance payment is required and a minimum 24 hours advance notice required for cancellations once a training session has been scheduled. No refunds.

Have a question for Lissa about the Social Media Coaching session you need? Email She gladly customizes training sessions to meet her clients’ needs.


Thank you so much for coaching me on our company Facebook page.  By implementing just one of your suggestions we increased our ‘Likes’ by  50%! I am working to apply the other suggestion you gave me to continue to grow our presence on Facebook.  Your coaching was the best hundred bucks I’ve spent on training yet. I highly recommend your services to anyone looking for insight on a business Facebook account. ~ Terri Van Wagner, Autometrix Precision Cutting Systems

I had been using Facebook for awhile and thought I knew everything about it. I learned how to organize my friends into lists i.e. professional, family and target what I shared to particular lists. Lissa’s class was thorough and the training was detailed. I was able to follow along and not feel overwhelmed. ~Vickie, Romance Writer

Lissa is awesome, she quickly determines what your needs are and structures her services to fit the bill. She can either train you to handle all your Social Media yourself or she can do it for you, either way you are in great hands. Lissa is thorough, accurate, and always coming up with amazing campaigns that help her clients grow their reputations and their businesses. If you want to be successful – hire Lissa! ~ Robin Moss, ribit

Lissa Duty offers a 2 hour personalized crash course on Twitter that I highly recommend if you are serious about using it for business. I hired Lissa after I’d been using Twitter for a few months. I wish I’d know about the training when I first started.

As a business advisor and mentor, I recommend Lissa’s 2 hour customized Twitter course to my clients if they are serious about Twitter for business. She can help greatly accelerate learning by offering tips and tools to improve reach, impact and reduce time spent. This allows business people to focus on what they do best and increase revenue. It’s a good investment in your business! ~ Carol Smith, Revenue Attraction Advisor

Lissa was an amazing help. In just a few short hours she opened up so many possibilities for our small import business through Twitter and soon, Facebook. I am amazed at how EASILY she trained me to understand social media — not just the mechanics of how to get things done online but also the communication / advertising / marketing aspects of doing business online. Wonderful! I feel I can do this for our company with her help–I can’t say enough positive things about her and I look forward to working with her again.~ Cecilia Nielsen, Flensted Mobiles

Lissa – Thank you so much for your Twitter training. In a mere two hours, I learned more than I had about Twitter than in the previous 2 years! I don’t know how you keep up with everything, but your up-to-date knowledge on all things Social Media blew me away. I recommend ANYONE wanting to keep current on social media contact immediately! I can’t wait until next time. ~ Michelle Ketterman, The Inventory Experts

Lissa was truly my “easy button” in Twitter training and I was amazed at her breadth of knowledge. I had been using Twitter for a while prior to hiring Lissa, but I knew I needed help to better understand and more effectively utilize social media. The training with Lissa was fun and insightful! We moved quickly during our training sessions, and Lissa ensured that I was on board at each step along the way. ~ Diane J. Irwin, Dynamic Resumes of NJ

I am so impressed with Lissa and her knowledge on Social Media. I took her Twitter class and in just two short hours I have improved my techniques and increased my results. I am so happy that I took the time to have her teach me how to better utilize this powerful medium! I highly recommend her for any social media question you might have! She is awesome (and patient!) ~ Marcela Abadi Rhoades, Abadi Accessibility

The Twitter training with Lissa was worth every penny! Our dealership was interested in getting geared up for Social Media marketing, but had no idea where to begin. Lissa’s knowledge and experience was vital in getting us started and gave us direction in something completely new and a little intimidating. With Lissa’s help we have been able to identify marketing trends, interact with new customers and improve our retention efforts! The class helped us to detangle the fast moving world of Twitter and gave us the tools to better manage and measure our own efforts. Can’t recommend it enough! Thanks Lissa! ~ Daniel Donaldson, Britain Chevrolet Cadillac

Lissa Duty is one sharp, kind and organized woman.  I hired her for a facebook training and the day of the training, facebook made some major changes. She calls me and tells me “Give me one hour to review this.” She called me back and knew it like it never changed! I was really surprised at her ability to learn so quickly. She is extremely intelligent and very motivated to teach. She is also very professional and very patient. I will definately use her again. ~ S.F.

I highly recommend Lissa’s services.  I knew very little about Twitter, and had to learn in a short time under pressure for a project I was engaged in.  Lissa was the perfect trainer in this situation.  I was amazed at how much I was able to learn from her in just two hours.  She is very good at understanding what you actually do and don’t need to know for your specific project, and she is also very good at communicating exactly the right points.  It’s more than training—it’s a professional consultation designed to meet your specific needs.

Lissa has a positive attitude and a friendly manner, making it easy and fun to learn from her.  She also has very good business judgment, which is important in the social media realm.  It’s not enough to learn how to use the tools; what’s most important is learning how to use them in a sensible, appropriate way to create the results you want.  Lissa has the knowledge and experience to provide this level of support.  I think her services are a tremendous value. Sarah Rolph, Professional Writer

Both my wife and I have taken Lissa’s LinkedIn and Twitter classes. She’s an expert in the area of social media. Whether you are a first-timer wanting to learn the basics of setting up accounts or an intermediate user wanting to expand your knowledge, Lissa can help you take the next step in creating your online presence. ~ Tony Cummins, The Meeting Department

In a matter of minutes, Lissa re-worked the organization and wording of my LinkedIn Profile and gave me a wonderful, professional presentation.  Total strangers have asked me about my LinkedIn Profile and told me how much they like it.  Hope you will check it out. ~ Kathy Morgan Anti-Bullying Concepts