Facebook Coaching

Did you register a Facebook account because all your friends had one and told you that you needed to? Did you get an account because you want to market / sell your products and services?

This Facebook Profile Training is ideal for any business owner, individual or job seeker that needs to understand how to use and have more control over their Facebook account. (Lissa has trained countless individuals in private sessions and not one of them has said to her the training wasn’t for them upon completion.)

If you have a Facebook Page you are wanting to learn how to market for your business, you’ll need this Facebook Profile Training and a minimum of an additional hour of marketing your Facebook Page training.

This two hour Facebook Training focuses on these main topics:

  • Understanding Your Facebook Newsfeed and Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Status Updates, Wall to Wall Messages, Private Messages
  • Inviting / Accepting Friends and Assigning Friends to Lists
  • SEO your Facebook Profile
  • Privacy and Email Notification Settings

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Each two hour Social Media Coaching session is $300.00.

This training has solved Facebook Problems / Concerns for many. Here’s a few:

  • Targeting Facebook Status Updates to desired Facebook Friends
  • Differences between Facebook Status Updates, Wall to Wall Messages, Private Messages and who can see what on your Facebook Profile / Newsfeed
  • Setting Up Privacy for Photo Albums
  • Restricting Information that your Facebook Friends are allowed to share with 3rd party applications about you
  • Reducing unwanted / unnecessary emails from Facebook

Have a Facebook problem you need solved, but don’t know if Lissa can solve it? Email Lissa@LissaDuty.com to see if this training is right for you.

Details about the training: This hands-on training is completed using the telephone (Skype if you are not in the US) and remote connection software, Logmein.com.  She will talk you through and show you step by step how to use and optimize Facebook for ease, while maintaining your privacy and exposure to get the word out about you and your business.


Thank you so much for coaching me on our company Facebook page.  By implementing just one of your suggestions we increased our ‘Likes’ by  50%! I am working to apply the other suggestion you gave me to continue to grow our presence on Facebook.  Your coaching was the best hundred bucks I’ve spent on training yet. I highly recommend your services to anyone looking for insight on a business Facebook account. ~ Terri Van Wagner, Autometrix Precision Cutting Systems

I had been using Facebook for awhile and thought I knew everything about it. I learned how to organize my friends into lists i.e. professional, family and target what I shared to particular lists. Lissa’s class was thorough and the training was detailed. I was able to follow along and not feel overwhelmed. ~Vickie, Romance Writer

Lissa Duty is one sharp, kind and organized woman.  I hired her for a facebook training and the day of the training, facebook made some major changes. She calls me and tells me “Give me one hour to review this.” She called me back and knew it like it never changed! I was really surprised at her ability to learn so quickly. She is extremely intelligent and very motivated to teach. She is also very professional and very patient. I will definately use her again. ~ S.F.